The Indicators Tell a Story

The Austin Area Sustainability Indicators are like stars in the night sky – they become meaningful when they are linked to each other in a constellation and tell a story.

Individually, each indicator provides insight into a particular element of our overall well-being.

Woven together, these indicators tell the story of our region, where we are, and where we want to go.

It is up to us in our many roles as policy makers, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, activists, educators, and engaged citizens to use the indicators to drive conversation, see connections, generate possibilities, and collectively move our region forward.

Here are some specific ways to actively engage with the indicators and move forward:

•   Talk about them. Take the indicators that really strike you and talk to friends, colleagues, neighbors, and co-workers about them.

•   Use them to support or challenge what you “know” about the Austin area.

•   Explore their implications for your work, your life, and your aspirations in and for the Austin area.

•   Think about connections among and between different indicators. How, for example, do perceptions of crime influence civic engagement and openness to new people coming into the community?

•   Ask yourself what you think should or could be done about some of the challenges that the indicators reveal.

•   Ask yourself how you could use indicators of local and regional strength to meet those challenges.

•   Search for organizations and individuals doing work in the indicators that interest you the most. Seek out opportunities to volunteer, and invest, in their work.

•   Get inspired to create something new, using indicators to generate opportunities to serve and improve the region.

•   Get youth involved – teach them about the indicators and engage them to reflect on and generate responses.

Whatever you choose to do with the indicators, engage and talk about them.

Our community is sustained and thrives when we can talk openly together and then use our assets and strengths to engage our shared challenges.

The Austin Area Sustainability Indicators provide a platform for ongoing and vital conversation.